Myo Thar Village PagodaSituated one hour South West of Mandalay lies Myu-U Pagoda Myo Thar Village. It is an old traditional style pagoda, untouched and unspoiled and of the beaten track.

Much of this pagoda is in a state of disrepair, except for the spires on some of the stupa’s, which have been more recently freshly painted with gold.

Several new marble Buddha statues have been donated to the Pagoda, so it would appear that an injection of money through donations in recent times is helping to restore this beautiful Pagoda and the numerous small stupa’s surrounding the main stupa.

Not hundred percent sure if I have named this pagoda correctly due to communication problems.

Beside the Pagoda is a monastery, where young orphaned male children attend monastic school. We were greeted with exuberance by these small children who followed us throughout the tour of the Pagoda, laughing and jostling with each other for attention.

Some of these young boys will become ordained monks and others will follow different paths.

Myu-U Pagoda Myo Thar Village