Buddha Statues Jambhupati Style

Buddha Statues Jambhupati Style – also referred to as a king Buddha or royal king Buddha are usually wearing a tight fitting coat and trousers and crown, as opposed to the more common image of the Buddha wearing loosely fitted … Read More

Burmese Buddha Ava Innwa Style

After the decline of the Pagan kingdom in the mid 13th century the Ava/Innwa period was then established in A.D.1342. The Burmese Buddha Ava Innwa style statue during this period became more ornate, compared to the styles of their Pagan … Read More

Burmese Buddha Pyu Style

The Buddhist Pyu style of iconography adapted much of its style from India in its early history around the time of Christ, numerous archaeological finds indicate that the Pyu were a civilised and highly cultured people. History shows that the … Read More

Burmese Buddha Shan Style

Burmese Buddha Shan style – Developed through interaction since early times with ethnic groups from Thailand (Siam). Thai artisans and craftsmen migrated to Burma and other parts of Asia bringing with them their own style of Buddha image which eventually … Read More

Burma’s Buddhist Art Pagan

Burma’s Buddhist Art Pagan Although there are discrepancies related to the actual dates in which the Pagan dynasty flourished. Archeologists have uncovered stone tablets and Buddhist iconography with Pali and Mon script which suggest between 9 A.D. – 1287 A.D. … Read More

Burmese Buddha Mandalay Style

The Burmese Buddha Mandalay style is the most decorative of all Buddha statues in Burma. The robe is often elaborately layered with three dimensional folds decorated with glass mosaics and delicate scroll work around the edges using thayo lacquer. The … Read More