Burmese Buddha Art Shan

Burmese Buddha Art Shan style is a fusion of styles highly influenced by its close neighbors in Thailand with whom they share a sizeable border along with Laos and China. Shan ethnic groups are found in all of these countries … Read More

Burmese Pyu Buddhist Art

Burmese Pyu Buddhist Art – Beikthano also referred to as Panhtwa city or “City of Vishnu” was one of the first areas to be occupied by the Pyu people dating back to the birth of Christ. Artifacts, pottery, structural remains … Read More

Burmese Buddha Art Arakan

Burmese Buddha art Arakan – Myanmar was highly influenced by its neighbors Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, as can be seen in the bronze Royal King Buddha statues referred to as “Jambhupati”, or “Royal King Buddha”, as they often show elements … Read More

Burmese Buddhist Andagu Stone Stelae

The rare Burmese Buddhist Andagu Stone Stele carvings are extraordinary works of art, depicting in minute detail scenes related to the Buddhas path to Enlightenment whilst meditating under the Bodhi tree. The Burmese andagu stone sculptures show the close relationship … Read More

Burmese Buddha Pagan Style

The Many Faces of Pagan Buddha The Burmese Buddha Pagan style statues and iconography, as well as wall murals in many of the Bagan (Pagan) temples were influenced by Buddhists from India with a Hindu flavor depicting semi clad ladies … Read More

Burmese Buddha Art Ava Innwa

Burmese Buddha Art Ava Innwa   –  The name Innwa/Inwa literally means “mouth of the lake”, it is situated at the mouth of the lakes in Kyaukse District and is a division of Mandalay. The cities classical name in Pali is … Read More