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Burmese Buddha Pyu Style

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The Buddhist Pyu style of iconography adapted much of its style from India in its early history around the time of Christ, numerous archaeological finds indicate that the Pyu were a civilised and highly cultured people. History shows that the Mon and Pyu lived harmoniously with each other.

Sri Ksestra in lower Burma is considered to be the main Pyu site and is the richest site archaeologically. Although the Pyu were weakened by Chinese invaders in 832 A.D., whereupon some 3,000 Pyu were taken back to China, some remaining Pyu people survived into the 11th Century, after which they integrated with the Burman and eventually died out.

It is thought that the Andhra region of southern India was the source from which the sculptural style of the Pyu art emerged, this view is strengthened by recent interpretations of the epigraphic and textual evidence of the Khin Ba insciptions which stemmed from southern India in the second half of the fifth century.

Burmese Buddha Pyu style

Burmese Buddha Pyu style
Burmese Bronze Pyu Buddha statue